Monday, 17 November 2014

DT 2 Responses : Aaron K

This photo is shoot by Michael Grecco. He is an american celebrity portrait photographer.
By capturing  the beauty and personality of the model,  Michael Grecco elevates celebrity photography to a true art, which makes the photo utterly unforgettable. The strong contrast between the amazing model with the bleak and desolete background generates strong visual impacts.

The author  used a cinematic light when shooting this photo to generate striking sense of drama and an abiding admiration for style and beauty.

From the neutral light, this photo could be taken at dusk.

The author is good at incorporating cinematic light use in celebrity photos to create splendid visual effects inspires me. I viewed his photos from his website

This photo was taken in a deserted factory in  suburb area.  I am trying to emphasize the strong contrast between the beautiful model and the  obsolete  background and also the masculine  hard steel frames and the smart, soft and feminine lines of the model.

This photo is taken under the special time background that the chinese  new generation feel lost in their future life.

  It is studio-fashion- creative genre.

This photo is inspired by Michael Grecco's photos in his celebrity photography style.

Front lighting applied  to  express the energetic character of the model.

It is Steven Martin's portrait which is shoot by Michael Grecco. The author tries to depict the details of the personality of the model. The strong color contrast is also compelling and impressive.

Cinematic lighting applied in this photo.

This photo gives me a relaxed an intimate feeling. Through this photo, the author tries to convey the real innermost state of the model.

DT 2 Responses: Sara Orme

This photo is taken by Richard Alvedon, an american fashion and portrait photographer.

Richard Avedon was born in New York City to a jewish family. His father had his own retail dress business on Fifth Avenue while his mother grew up from a family  that owned a dress-manufacturing business. The influence from  his family encourages his aspirations in fashion and art. Because of his sister's tragic life experiences, from his photos we can feel that his desire to capture the desire beauty.

This photo was taken in 1963. From the model's costume, hairstyle, this photo reflect 1960s vogue elements. In addition,  the light is not so soft as photos taken recently.

In addition to  his  continuing fashion work, by the 1960s he started to make portraits of civil rights workers, politicians and  cultural dissidents of various  stripes in an America fissured by discord and violence. At that time, some major historical events happened, such as  the Civil Rights Movement in 1963, the Vietnam War and later the fall of the Berlin Wall. All of these political events had great influences on Avedon's photos.

Avedon was always interested in capturing the personality and soul of  its subject by guiding the subject into uncomfortable areas of discussion or asking them psychologically probing questions. Therefore, in order to focus on inner world of the model, he used hard lights in the photo above. Moreover, the photo above reflects its minimalist style, that is, the model is looking squarely in the camera, posed in front of a sheet white background.

I viewed this photo by googling it.

When I took the photo, I used hard lights trying to express the model's angular lines to reflect his inner world. The model is a professional  bel canto singer. From his deep, booming and masculine voice,  I was inspired to take photo to match his beautiful voice.

It is fine art-still life genre.

Dark background and  hard lights applied.

I got the inspiration from the his beautiful voice in his personal concert.

The photo above is very dynamic. The muscle lines and  the body language express the model's  energy and youngster.  Generally, fashion models are taken photos in static state. In this photo, Avedon used hard lights to express the model's inner world. And also the white simple background reflects the author's minimalist style. Maximum shutter speed applied in studio to take the photo.

DT2 response Allan McDonald

Interior of the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele, Naples, Italy.

This photo is taken by Andrew Prokos. He is an award-winning architectural and fine-art photographer.

The author  was born in Greek then migrated to the United State,settling in Chicago. During the mid 1990s Prokos spent two years living in Italy and Greece and traveling through Europe and Turkey. These traveling experiences inspired the author。

The photo above was taken from Naples Italy when Prokos  stayed in Italy during the mid 1990s.

From this photo, the  author is trying to express the grandeur and delicacy of the building. Therefore, it is independent of political beliefs and social status.

It is taken in the mid 1990s. So it is not far from now. I do not feel any difficulties to read his works.

The photo emphasizes the beauty of symmetry. In addition,  the strong contrast of round dome and angular lines of walls is quite impressive.

I viewed this photo by googling the author's name. I am impressed by the wonderful combination of modern architecture and classical feelings.

This photo I took for one of my client. This photo is used as advertisement for new house selling. According to the client's requirement, I try to express the modern and fashionable feeling of this house.

We live in a modern time. High technologies provide a lot of conveniences for our daily life. In order to attract buyers,  I try to reflect the modern feeling by emphasize the texture and feeling of the outer materials of the house in order to match modern indoor appliances.

It is creative-commercial-advertising genre.
I took this photo in a sunny afternoon. Avoiding overexposure, I excluded the sun from the frame. Furthermore, in order to convey the  magnificence, I took a lower angle when took the picture.

The lower angle I took is inspired by Prokos works to show the architecture's magnificence.

The photo is  about a metro station.

Tripod, digital camera 24 mm lens, fast shutter and large aperture applied.

This photo makes me feel very modern and fashionable of the architecture.

The author takes the escalators as leading lines to express beauty of symmetry of the ceiling.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

DT2 repsonse - Nick T

This photo is taken by Michael Ray,  a mercian photographer who has his own studio in Pittsburgh.  Michael Ray specializes food photography for uses in advertisement, packaging, recipe cookbooks and specialty publications.

The theme of this photo is a normal american breakfast, which is related to the author's american life background.

This photo was taken in Michael Ray's studio in Pittsburgh and the taken time is not showed. From the lighting shown, it was probably taken in a sunny summer morning.

In my opinion, the theme of the picture mainly conveys a sunny fresh morning in summer. Therefore, it is independent of and social status.

The exact time of this photo is not showed. But from the time the author lives, it should be a photo of present days. Therefore, it is easy to understand the implications of this photo.

 At the first glance of this photo, all the elements, such as the fresh and colorful fruit dices, the bright sunshine an also the striking color contrast, remind me of the peaceful countryside life. Therefore, the conception of this photo is not relevant to events happened at that time.

I view this photo from the author's website This website is quite well organized and professional.

Through this photo, I  am trying to convey the countryside life in western China. This dish, called Yangroupaomo (Pita bread soaked in lamb soap), which is the most typical food of people in western rural areas. This dish is just simple local snacks which is not comparable to exquisite food  in star-rated restaurants. However, it reflects westerners' diligence and honesty as well as  simplicity.

In this photo,  I take the creative-commercial-product genre. Through this photo, I am trying to remind people of  the meaningful cultural connotations when they enjoy the dish.

Michael Ray's photo inspired me in taking my photo a lot  especially in lighting. By lighting, photos of food should emphasize the texture, the tone  to make audience feel and "taste" the food.

Besides of Michael Ray's photo, my inspiration of this photo comes form a chinese tv series about local specialties

From this sashimi  photo, I can see the striking color contrast. Besides,  I can feel the texture of fish slices and its freshness.

Digital camera with 160 per second shutter speed, 10 aperture, tripod used, toplight.

It increases audience's appetites.

This photo is advertisement photo. Therefore,  I think the photographer tries to tantalize audience's taste buds.

DT 2 Week 4

May be this the new way to work for my final handing.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Final Handin 3-8 weeks

This is what I did for my final handing. This image come from 38 of photo and join them together.
The idea of this image is the move moment of the time, from left hand side that a move moment of the sun from top to the down side. And right hand side that from the bottom to the top.  I just want the  give the viewer a idea of sun down and the sun rising.

At being of my project my idea is make a time lapses, from the idea at this image

this two photo i am join them together and use the photoshop the rotating the image to find out what is look like, but i don't like the image coming out.

After I did the searching of my idea, i start shot some photos and join them together, some of them are working well and most of them like the last two of them are not working well, that i can't join them together like what i did before, so i start focus on the join techniques and make some more searching about it.

This the image i find out from web side at china, and i don't have his name and what the ideas, but i like this frame, Now for my final hand in i not just do same thing i don't know, and use the sun light to showing a moment or an idea of the time lapse.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Portfolio Week 4 : Balance

Formal Balance

This the image did early, I just want creat a image have the formal balance, and I join the two image tegther. there have the same element at both side from the medium lidding line.

Informal Balance

In the visual image generally according to the size, the weight of the colour depth to ebb and flow, and the people's life experience, thought the subconscious to stereotypes, moving things than staatic, people than animals, and so on factours, gives the visual image of the weight, roughly of course everyon's experience different there is no absolute right weight.

If the screen to draw aline, we can find: the one on the left, a deer, two small leopard; The right to have two fox, a bear two wild pig and a lion. View should be the right weight by volume, but the left one person (people than animals), the right of the bear and ofx use intaglio, On the vison or balanced. If these things on the scale can be the balance of the above conclusion.